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Admission Criteria
At least Three (03) A levels subjects with grade “Passing Grade” or higher OR Intermediate (HSC) from recognized Board.
There are three classifications of admissions. Regular Acceptance, Provisional Acceptance and Non-Degree Student Status. A placement evaluation is required for all students before being admitted. Places offered are valid for one term only; if not taken up, they are offered to applicants on the wait list
Applicants who meet all admission requirements are admitted as degree candidates.
Applicants who are accepted provisionally are those who do not submit official documents or submit incomplete documents. Transfer student who do not submit official documents from the institution previously attended fall in this category. Conversely any applicant who does not meet minimum requirements may be denied regular admission to the University and its programs.
Applicants who desire to take courses without seeking degree candidacy are designated as Non-Degree Students.
Students may apply for advanced placement keeping in view prior academic qualifications and experience.

Credits from other institutions: The Admission Office will evaluate credits from other institutions on a course-by-course basis in accordance with such agreements as may exist. The acceptability of each credit will depend on the appropriateness of the courses to the University curriculum, on their compatibility to courses offered by Greenwich University, the period since the course credits were earned, and the grade earned.

All passing grades of B or above in transfer courses are acceptable for students who leave their prior institution with good academic standing. Students who were not in good academic standing at their previous colleges may be accepted, but only with Provisional Acceptance status. Transfer credits will be awarded after the student has achieved good academic standing. However, a tentative evaluation of such transfer credits may be requested by the student upon admission. All transfer credit will be recorded as “TR” on the student’s transcript.

Before graduating, transfer students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of the university courses in order to be eligible for an associate degree and a minimum of 60 credit hours for the Undergraduate degree. A maximum of 60 credit hours can be transferred.

Undergraduates must be in residence for the final 60 hours of course work prior to receiving their degree.

Credit by Challenge Examinations: Students may obtain credit through successful performance on a challenge examination. A student seeking credit by examination must have an exceptional background in the subject and minimum grade point average of 2.75. He or she must first secure written permission from the concerned Dean. If permission is granted the Dean will arrange for preparation of challenge exam and may also require written reports, related supplementary readings, or a term paper if appropriate. Forms for challenge examinations are available with the Registrar’s Office/Communication Center. Students are limited to 9 credit hours by challenge examinations.

Credit for Prior Work/Life Learning: College credit may be earned through the careful academic assessment of prior college level learning acquired through life or work roles or through selected educational programs offered by collegiate organizations. The total of such credit may not exceed 60 credits for undergraduate students.

Admission of Transfer Students: Greenwich University accepts credits earned with a Grade B or above from other accredited universities and from foreign programs.
English, General Knowledge and Mathematics proficiency, are measured by the results of the University Placement Test (UPT) or Institutional TOEFL examination. All students have to appear for an Interview and group discussion with the board as a part of the selection process.
Applicants for admission must follow the following procedure:

Submit the complete Admission Form along with photocopies of all academic documents, NIC copy and 10 passport size photographs.
Applications must be received on or before the due date as advertised and as mentioned in the academic calendar.
All application material (academic records, financial support documents, test scores, reference letters, translations, and other material) submitted in support of an application, become the property of the University and cannot be returned or forwarded elsewhere, except the original documents which will be returned after verification.

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